Home Rule LLC Expanding to help Relieve Overcrowded Hospitals

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 2:30pm UTC

Home Rule LLC Expanding to help Relieve Overcrowded Hospitals

With so many hospitals in the U.S. having limited capacity, Home Rule, a provider of skilled nurses in homes, is announcing its immediate expansion to help ease the burden of hospitals and other facilities.

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HICKORY, N.C., Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Home Rule LLC, a North Carolina-based company specializing in placing skilled nurses in homes, is re-inventing nursing and announcing its expansion to help alleviate some of the workloads of hospitals that are currently overloaded.

The management of Home Rule believes their philosophy of One Nurse for One Patient in One Home℠ is a viable alternative for certain patients who may not be best served by hospitals overrun with Covid-19 cases.

Home Rule nurses offer one-on-one care to children and young adults who often have chronic lung conditions, frequently with tracheostomies, feeding tubes, or ventilators. The care and diligence provided by Home Rule nurses usually help patients avoid hospital stays.

Home Rule CEO Christy McGlothlin founded her company primarily because of her experiences with her own special needs child. Said McGlothlin, "After spending more than 100 days in hospitals with our daughter, I lost count of how many times I heard nurses and doctors say how children often thrive in a home environment. So, I thought, what's to stop me from launching a home nursing agency to help others avoid lengthy hospital stays? And that's just what I did."

McGlothlin added, "In addition to nursing care, we train our nurses to maintain a clean home environment to fore the best outcome for patients."

McGlothlin's vision has expanded to the point where she is looking for 250 new nurses to place in homes for a fast-growing number of patients who cannot receive an optimum level of care in hospitals, especially in areas where Covid-19 patients dominate a disproportionate amount of hospital resources.

Home Rule Director of Operations Chis Houck stated, "Nurses have been resigning from hospitals at alarming rates. Home care helps ease the burden of overcrowded hospitals. Our mission at Home Rule is to deliver excellent and personalized patient-centered care. We are here to assist our patients in reaching their highest potential and living their best life. Nurses who are purpose-driven in areas of compassion find great fulfillment in their work with Home Rule."

Chris Houck added that Home Rule is currently seeking 250 new Home Nurses to help Relieve Overcrowded Hospitals, with further expansion plans for thousands of new nurses, in what Houck calls "a paradigm shift from crowded hospitals to one-on-one care in homes."

More information about Home Rule and the services they provide is available at: https://HomeRule.net/ or by calling 919-800-8017 or emailing christy@homerule.net

Nurses seeking employment may submit their resumes online at: https://www.homerule.net/careers to become part of the Home Rule team.

About Christy McGlothlin

Christy McGlothlin is the CEO of Home Rule LLC, a home care nursing service based in North Carolina, a book author, and mother of 7 children including one special needs daughter.

Chris Houck...

Chris Houck currently serves as Director of Operations of Home Rule LLC, a home nursing provider based in Hickory, North Carolina. Over the last twenty years, Mr. Houck has worked in multiple capacities in the healthcare industry, from behavioral health care to intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) services.

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Christy McGlothlin, Home Rule LLC, 919-800-8017, christy@homerule.net