New Pathways2Paychecks Program Raises Funds to Help At-risk Homeless Youth Get Cars For Work

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Monday, February 12, 2024 at 1:42pm UTC

New Pathways2Paychecks Program Raises Funds to Help At-risk Homeless Youth Get Cars For Work

PR Newswire

Homeless Kids Lives Come Up Roses When You Help Them Transition to Able-Disabled Advocacy's Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Who gets a rose? And what is being done to cure youth homelessness?

Elyana is an inspiring young lady who forges roses from steel. From her first steps, Elyana was a fixture in her father's tattoo studio, immersed in an atmosphere abuzz with creativity and the distinct aroma of ink.

Today, she and another apprentice candidate have graduated from a 10-week program where she channels her artistic legacy into sculpting metal with flame.

"Every apprentice carries a unique tale, an intrinsic motivation, and a vision they're diligently working to fulfill," observes Efrain Lagunas, Program Director at Pathways2Paychecks.

"Elyana's talent doesn't solely lie in the crafted elegance of her metallic roses; it's also in the tenacity and grit she exhibits daily. This fundraiser aims to help her, and many like her, transform their ambitions into tangible achievements."

Now, she's in need of a car to drive her dreams forward, and Pathways2Paychecks is helping make that happen. She is keen on carving out her niche in the welding world, as most apprenticeship programs require reliable transportation. She wants to help homeless youth follow in her footsteps.

At the core of Pathways2Paychecks' new initiative is Elyana's story – a campaign to furnish industrious apprentices like her with the means to journey to their training grounds and job sites.

The fundraiser is dedicated to dismantling the transport hurdles that frequently deter gifted individuals from their vocational pursuits in the trades.

Elyana stands on the cusp of her apprenticeship... if only she had a car.

A New Focus On Homeless Youth

As housing affordability in the U.S. reaches crisis stage, the pre-apprenticeship program turns the focus on solutions that start with a job, to earn a paycheck, that pays for housing, when apprentices have cars.

In the United States, around 4.2 million young people face homelessness annually, with 700,000 minors unaccompanied by family or guardians. In California, it's estimated that 200,000 youths under 18, along with thousands between 18-24, experience homelessness at some point each year figures reported by the California Homeless Youth Project in 2010.

Pathways2Paychecks is joining forces with local enterprises, civic figures, and transit providers to garner funds and resources. The objective is to supply apprentices with car loans, bus passes, gas cards, and bicycles for those with shorter commutes. Reliable transport to a job site is the linchpin in overcoming homelessness once apprenticeships commence.

To support the fundraiser, contributions can be made on the Pathways2Paychecks GoFundMe page.

Every gift propels apprentices like Elyana towards a luminous, stable future in construction.

While Elyana has shelter, many of her peers aren't as fortunate. By uniting our efforts, we aim to eradicate homelessness for upcoming generations and nurture a skilled workforce capable of turning steel into artistry.

Pathways2Paychecks is a U.S. Department of Labor-funded initiative under Able-Disabled Advocacy, a San Diego-based non-profit that, since 1975, has been eliminating work barriers for individuals facing unique employment challenges, furthering the legacy of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Elyana's inspiring journey at the forefront, emblematic of the determination and aspirations of apprentices.

For more information or to donate, please visit our website.

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